The One Quality Narcissist Can’t Accept

Rebecca Zung
4 min readJun 2, 2023

By Rebecca Zung, Esq.

What’s the one quality that a narcissist just cannot accept? Hi there I’m Rebecca Zung and I’m a narcissist negotiation expert and I’ve helped thousands and thousands of people negotiate I’ve seen them all I’ve seen narcissists at their best and I’ve seen them at their worst and I’ve seen how they cannot accept this one single quality.

What do you think about individuals who have difficulty accepting any form of criticism? They strive to present themselves as flawless, making it challenging for them to acknowledge any critique. Rather than taking responsibility for their actions, they tend to respond defensively and shift the blame onto others. Their self-image is incredibly fragile, lacking internal validation. Consequently, any perceived slight or criticism is immensely distressing for them. Genuine apologies are rare, as they often manipulate situations to their advantage. They prefer to attribute faults to others, as exposing their own vulnerabilities is a powerful way to gain leverage over them. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize that the idealized image they project does not necessarily align with reality.

They respond with anger, defensiveness, or even rage, attempting to discredit anyone who criticizes them. Their aim is to make you feel wrong for speaking up. These reactions stem from a deep sense of shame within them, and their goal is to diminish your significance. They constantly elevate themselves by associating with individuals they perceive as superior, hoping it will reflect positively on their own image. Avoiding any form of negative perception is crucial to them. They crave being the center of attention and possess an inflated sense of self-importance. Desperately seeking adulation, they exploit others to satisfy their need for importance. Their desperation is so consuming that they struggle to empathize with others, not out of a conscious choice to avoid it, but due to their ruthless and agonizing need for validation. This behavior characterizes a personality disorder, a recognized condition. The one aspect they cannot tolerate is the acknowledgment of their imperfections, though deep down, they are aware of them. They are unwilling to be told this truth and strive to prevent you and the world from discovering it. They will go to great lengths to protect their facade.

This resistance to criticism and refusal to take responsibility for their actions manifests in various ways. They reject negative feedback, dismiss differing opinions, and resort to projection, deflection, lying, and denial. All these behaviors stem from the same core inability to accept the one quality they fear: their imperfection. And that is the primary characteristic that narcissists simply cannot accept.

When engaging in negotiations with a narcissist, their manipulative tendencies become evident. Criticizing their behavior or pointing out their flaws will result in immediate backlash. In order to navigate this situation, you may need to play their game to some extent. Acting as though you are going along with their ideas can help you gain leverage until you are prepared to reveal their true nature. It’s important to understand the different stages of interaction with a narcissist, including the discard phase. During this phase, they may gather allies, known as flying monkeys, to support their cause. The discard phase is also when you may witness the emergence of a smear campaign. They engage in these tactics to preemptively undermine you before you have a chance to expose their imperfections.

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