How to Spot a Narcissist Through Body Language

Rebecca Zung
4 min readMar 22, 2023

By Rebecca Zung, Esq.

Did you know that body language is more communicative than the words coming out of people’s mouths? If want to know if someone is a narcissist through their body language, we’re going to show you the 6 tell-tale signs that give them away.

Some studies say that only 7% of our communication is done through our words, while 93% is done through how we say them, the tone we use, & our body language. Narcissists are quite attuned to what we say and how we say it. They look at these things since they are hypersensitive to criticism. So, I’m going to cover the 6 things that we should also be aware of when dealing with a potential narcissist in either a business or personal situation.

First on this list is: Eye contact. Do they have trouble making eye contact with you? I had to deal with someone recently and I kept trying to get this person to tell me where we stood on getting certain things done. Although this person did offer a response it was short of an answer and could barely make eye contact with me. Although failure to make eye contact is not the sole indicator that someone is a narcissist, taken together with the other five signs I’m about to share with you, it can be taken as a one. That’s the first on this list.

Number two is: They’re closed off. You will notice them with their arms or legs crossed. They may even unintentionally show a face that screams “I’m not interested!”. This is a common tell of narcissists. Another way they subconsciously show that they’re closed off is when you’re seated with them, they’ll have their body leaning in |the opposite direction, putting distance between you and them. I’ll have more on this later…

Third: Not interested in meeting new people. Narcissists usually don’t engage with new people. I’ve had experiences wherein they would have their bodies facing toward the door. The only time that a narcissist is interested in someone is when they feel that the other person can do something for them or that they can use them as a narcissistic supply.

Coming in at number four: Silent resentment that can be felt. You can just feel that resentment, seething passive aggression around them. Not only do they not make eye contact, they often have their bodies turned away from other people. And you’ll often catch them when you ask them questions; although they are saying “yes”, their head is moving left and right gesturing a “no”. You will notice that kind of disconnect between what they’re saying versus what their bodies are showing you. So, if you see that sort of contradiction, then they’re probably up to something.

Next is number five: They fail at empathy. There are situations where empathy is readily given — a word or a simple gesture is all that is needed. But this simple act is something that narcissists are truly challenged with. Either they don’t say anything at all, or would barely offer anything that demonstrates empathy. Often, they need to be coaxed to perform what seems to be a task for them.

Number six: Ask a question then not listen for the answer. You might notice that their eyes would drift or reach for the phone and start doing something else instead of listening intently as normal people would. Narcissists are also known to leave mid-conversation to start another with who they think might be a better source of supply.

I have two more that I want to share with you. These are bonuses. Number seven: How they touch their face. You can tell if someone is lying when they keep touching their face. Again, they are unconsciously doing these things and it’s giving them away. Body language is much more powerful than what people think.

Number eight: Often keeps a distance. Physical proximity is different from one culture to another. Some cultures would have them closer than others, so you’ll have to put this in the context of the culture you’re in. But whatever culture it is, if someone is putting more distance than what is usual, that is a sign. Narcissists don’t like people especially when those people get in their space. Although they can be quite charismatic, deep down inside they are uncomfortable in their skin and can’t stand to be in certain social situations where other people are within their space.

So those are the ways to tell if someone is a narcissist through body language. As they say, 93% of our communication is done through our body language. That’s why it is so crucial for us to understand how to do this.

I want you to have the tools to break free from the chains of toxic relationships at work or home. This is the time to be able to do that. Today is the best day to start negotiating your best life.



Rebecca Zung

She is a Top 1% attorney, narcissist negotiation expert, YouTuber & creator of the SLAY Your Negotiation w/ a Narcissist program.