4 Magic Response Power Phrases

Rebecca Zung
2 min readApr 24, 2024

By Rebecca Zung, Esq.

In the dynamic landscape of communication, having the right phrases at your disposal can be like wielding magic. Discover how these phrases can transform your interactions, navigate tricky conversations, and empower you in various scenarios. Let’s unlock the secrets to effective communication.

#1. “Pause.” Begin by expressing genuine curiosity with a simple “I’m curious, tell me more.” Embrace the power of taking a moment before responding — replacing anger with curiosity. Remember the acronym “PAUSE”: Pause, Assess, Understand, Shift, and Excuse. By managing emotional triggers and responding with curiosity, you pave the way for more constructive and positive interactions in any situation.

#2. “ That’s Interesting” Instead of reacting defensively, this phrase fosters a curious mindset. Ask, “Why would you say that?” to delve deeper into the other person’s perspective. This approach, particularly crucial in negotiations, allows you to gain valuable insights into their thoughts. As an attorney, I can attest that understanding the other party’s viewpoint provides a strategic advantage, enhancing your ability to navigate and potentially gain the upper hand in any situation.

#3.”That’s interesting feedback.” Rather than taking offense, express gratitude for the input and inquire further: “What makes you think that?” This not only shows appreciation for their perspective but also encourages them to elaborate on their thoughts. When faced with criticism, understanding the underlying reasons can be enlightening and open the door to constructive dialogue. Embrace the opportunity to delve into the specifics and gain valuable insights into their perception.

#4.”That’s an interesting perspective, why would you ask that?” Instead of reacting defensively, redirect the focus by turning the question back to them. By calmly inquiring about their motivation, you not only maintain composure but also subtly shift the dynamic of the conversation. This approach prevents them from seeing any signs of distress or frustration on your part. In essence, it’s about reclaiming control of the dialogue and steering it in a direction that allows you to navigate with confidence and poise.

Remember that communication is a dynamic dance, and the right words can be your most powerful allies. Whether fostering curiosity, acknowledging differing perspectives, or gracefully handling feedback, these phrases empower you to navigate conversations with finesse.



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